People Are Stupid

Perhaps a bit heavy on the Christian WWJD stuff, but a solid monologue about the current state of our society and hyper-partisan politics.


The Dems are being taken down by a monster of their own creation

Al Franken as Stuart Smalley
The Dems are being taken down by a monster of their own creation.

The last decade or so of promoting hyper sensitivity by women and painting all men as sexual predators through incessant virtue signalling and faux outrage is finally backfiring on the Democrats.

I believe the strategy for the progressives started out as a way to ingratiate themselves with women voters. Pandering to the more radical feminists among them, whipping them up to get the vote out for the Democrats.

Promoted ideas like "Women must be believed" (without question) have led to the current state of play where a mere allegation, totally unfounded from even decades ago, is enough to destroy a career. Allegations have been weaponized.

Of course when allegations could be used as political weapons, they were. Investigative journalists (or muck raking partisan political hacks IMO) have been busy hunting down any women they can find who has ever known a Republican politician or conservative candidate. They beat the bushes for anyone willing to "bravely come forward" with an allegation of sexual misconduct to take them down.

Unfortunately for the liberals, many of the biggest perverts are turning out to be Democrat politicians (shocker) and it's not only liberal women who are now ready to "bravely come forward".

It's gonna be a bloodbath. Sit back and enjoy the show.


The Muppet Show Knew

The Muppet Show knew 35 years ago:

Obviously the audio has been dubbed for effect, but the video is hilarious IMO especially in light of recent events.


If You See Something, Say Something*

If you see something, say something.

* Unless the something you see is being done by a "Person Of Color", then shut up or you're a racist and/or bigot.


The Politics Of Distraction

Now that the spotlight has been turned on them regarding the Trump/Russian Dossier and the Clinton's Uranium One deal with the Russians, get ready for a slew of "Hey look at this shiny object over here" distractions from the left run media.

Don't fall for it.

Uranium One democrats and Russians


Jobless Future: Shake Shack’s Humans Out, Robots In

This is the future the Left is bringing with ridiculous "living wage" laws:

Jobless Future: Shake Shack’s Humans Out, Robots In
Tim Pearce - Energy Reporter
Via The Daily Caller 9:27 PM 10/04/2017
A new Shake Shack opening up in New York City’s East Village is trading human cashiers in for robots in order to pay the rest of the shop’s employees a $15 an hour wage.
The newest building is an experiment that Shake Shack management hope will direct the future of the company. They want to attract a more skilled and committed workforce by automating some jobs and paying higher wages to the rest, the New York Post reports.