Riddle Me This...

Watching all the high school kid organized, completely grass roots, organic, not backed at all by national anti-gun lobbies run by middle aged billionaires, protests stemming from the Parkland Fl. school shootings has raised a very basic question and reveals some very flawed logic from the gun grabbing left.

One of the demands for increased gun control from the screeching crowd is to raise the minimum age to purchase and/or own a firearm to 21. This, presumably will make us safer. But why exactly?

Let's examine further. Raising the age to 21 would suggest that those under 21 are not mature enough to responsibly own a gun. But, the ones supposedly demanding this change are high school age kids?

Hmmm... So what they're saying here is basically, "We're too immature to own guns, but we're mature enough to shape public policy on guns."

Some are even calling for the voting age to be lowered to 16- because these kids are "so wise and should have a voice".

Does this glaring chasm in logic bother anyone else?

Under 21- responsible enough to-

  • Vote at 16.
  • Drive at 16.
  • Live on your own at 18 (or less if you have emancipated minor status). 
  • Enter into legally binding contracts.
  • Get married.
  • Serve in the military at 18 and be trusted with full auto rifles (real assault rifles), tanks, grenade launchers, etc.

But not responsible enough to-

  • Own a rifle, shotgun, or pistol.
  • Have a beer.
  • Smoke a joint (if legal in your state).
Makes perfect sense.

Of course the Democrats are all for this. Anything for more Dem votes, damn the social cost.


How To End Illegal Immigration Once And For All In The U.S.

With today's news of the death of Indianapolis Colts player Edwin Jackson by a drunk driver who was in the country illegally (twice deported already), it got me thinking about what we need to do to stop illegal immigration.

First- Do what's been widely proposed by Trump and the conservatives- Build The Wall.

When I say Build The Wall, I mean build a common sense southern border. Build physical barriers where needed and feasible and use other means where it makes more sense. Increase border patrol resources- support these good people! Stop as many as you can before they physically enter the country.

Second- Vet visa applicants and restrict visas for high risk countries. It's not racist to want to keep high risk people out. Period.

Increase enforcement of visa over-stays. Track them down. This is currently not being done.


The Deep State Needs To Be Exposed

The "Deep State" is very real, and it needs to be exposed before it takes down our country.

The video below is just an example. This is not only an explicit threat from Sen. Chuck Schumer to President Trump, it's an open admission that there is indeed a Deep State, and they truly think they are the ones in charge:

The left, under the leadership of people like Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff and Obama have built the Deep State over decades of careful appointments and pressure on government agencies to promote people who are down with the cause and hold back those who potentially may be a problem.

They have stacked the circuit courts like the 9th district with liberal judges who make insane rulings based entirely on partisan political ideology and ignoring the law. They have promoted their soldiers to high positions in the FBI, IRS, State Dept., DOJ, etc. who will do their bidding.

They are playing the long game. The idea is presidents come and go every 4-8 years, but they are there for decades. Anyone who makes too many waves can be dealt with- as witness by the threat from Schumer in this video.

The Deep State needs to be exposed and destroyed or we can no longer claim to have a democracy.


More "Fight For $15" Job Losses On The Way

From Fox News online today:

Jack in the Box CEO: Swapping cashiers for robots 'makes sense' due to minimum wage increase

The CEO of fast-food restaurant Jack in the Box said “it just makes sense” to replace cashiers with robots due to the minimum wage increase in California.

"As we see the rising costs of labor, it just makes sense" to swap cashiers with kiosks where customers can order their food themselves, CEO Leonard Comma said Tuesday at the ICR Conference in Orlando, Fla., Business Insider reported.

However, Comma said that while his fast-food restaurant has tested products with technological advances at their establishments, he has decided to not go forward with the kiosks.

California, where Jack in the Box is based, will raise its minimum wage to $11 in 2018 and again in 2023 to $15. California and 18 other states have proposed to raise their respective minimum wages, Grub Street reported.

Jack in the Box was not the only fast-food joint to consider using robots in replacement for cashiers. Wendy’s said it would be installing the kiosks in the next year and McDonald’s also announced they were planning to install the kiosks to 2,500 restaurants. However, McDonald’s vowed they would not be swapping cashiers for the self-automated machines.

Smaller fast-food chains such as CaliBurger and Eatsa have already started making the entire restaurant automated, Business Insider reported.

As a way to cut costs before the minimum wage increase, Red Robin announced Tuesday they would be cutting bus boys from 570 restaurants in order to save the company money.


The Victim Card

Oprah victim card
Fact: Having been a victim at one point in your past does not make you a victim in perpetuity. It doesn't make you immune from being called out on your hypocrisy for your actions (or inaction) now.

If members or your race, gender, or ethnicity are now or have ever been legitimately victimized, but you personally have not, you cannot play the victim card by extension.


People Are Stupid

Perhaps a bit heavy on the Christian WWJD stuff, but a solid monologue about the current state of our society and hyper-partisan politics.


The Dems are being taken down by a monster of their own creation

Al Franken as Stuart Smalley
The Dems are being taken down by a monster of their own creation.

The last decade or so of promoting hyper sensitivity by women and painting all men as sexual predators through incessant virtue signalling and faux outrage is finally backfiring on the Democrats.

I believe the strategy for the progressives started out as a way to ingratiate themselves with women voters. Pandering to the more radical feminists among them, whipping them up to get the vote out for the Democrats.

Promoted ideas like "Women must be believed" (without question) have led to the current state of play where a mere allegation, totally unfounded from even decades ago, is enough to destroy a career. Allegations have been weaponized.

Of course when allegations could be used as political weapons, they were. Investigative journalists (or muck raking partisan political hacks IMO) have been busy hunting down any women they can find who has ever known a Republican politician or conservative candidate. They beat the bushes for anyone willing to "bravely come forward" with an allegation of sexual misconduct to take them down.

Unfortunately for the liberals, many of the biggest perverts are turning out to be Democrat politicians (shocker) and it's not only liberal women who are now ready to "bravely come forward".

It's gonna be a bloodbath. Sit back and enjoy the show.